HHS Library Workshops Now Virtual!

Marifel Miguel, Staff Writer

Something that many people enjoy and love about our HHS Media Center were the fun workshops and events that Mrs.DiGeronimo would always host during lunchtime. Unfortunately (due to the pandemic) and the current situation of everyone participating in remote learning, the workshops cannot be held; however, Mrs.DiGeronimo still found a way to have those workshops through Google Meet! In case you’re unsure on what events have been going on here is what has been happening in the past few months since September


  • Learned how to make a face mask without sewing
  • Learned how to grow houseplants from vegetables
  • Drew optical illusions


  • Found a fun way to do jigsaw puzzles online by yourself or with family and friends
  • Found a way to paint and re-create famous paintings in your way
  • Learned how to make discarded book art, origami lanterns, and roasted pumpkin seeds


  • Learned how to make hand sanitizer
  • Learned how we can use Google Maps to create your own scrapbook of places around the world where you visited or want to visit
  • Learned how to paper fold multiple types of airplanes
  • Got a behind the scenes look of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons


  • Learned how to use an old book (or a stack of paper or a magazine) to make a holiday tree.
  • Learned how to play chess
  • Learned how to make a gingerbread house

The workshops are every Tuesday at 3:00 pm and I strongly recommend everyone checking them out. If Tuesdays don’t work for you (or if you wish you could attend one of these events) no problem! Just go to the Classroom tab of the Library Google Classroom(code:m5m5srm) and click on Tuesday Workshops to find all the links, videos, and information you’ll need to do any of these workshops on your own. Another day you can attend the virtual meets are on Monday at 3:00 pm for “Library Chat” to simply talk and share anything that’s been going on and on Thursdays at 3:00 you can join the Book Talk to discuss books that Mrs. DiGeronimo and other teachers recommend.