HHS Media Center


Arijana Sulejmani, Staff Writer

The media center (aka  the library) is a great resource for all HHS students. Every month there are new opportunities and events.

For November, the library is focusing on heritage month. The Clarion spoke with our very own media specialist, Ms. DiGeronimo,  and asked her what upcoming events there were for November and she gave us a lot of amazing information.

Ms. DiGeronimo replied ,“The library always celebrates  heritage month and November is national Native American heritage month…we will have displays, activities and announcements  and resources focusing on Native Americans. I will make a display of books focusing on graphic novels and series books. November is also national military appreciation month so we always try and display resources and make morning announcements about that.”

When walking into the library you have to sign in with your student ID and then you may continue on and do what you have to get done. There is a video gaming center in the back as well. Many students find this of interest and they like to spend a majority of their time there.

The media center also has a painting center which is very popular because many people like to relax and take a break, so they may follow that along with arts and crafts.

The Clarion asked Ms. DiGeronimo if she had anything else she would like to include in this article and she said that she would like to add that the media center’s are 7am to 3pm, everyday but Fridays.

She also would like to thank all the students that are part of the library crew. In the library crew, students usually help clean up the media center and keep things organized.