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The student news site of Hawthorne High School.

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Library Media Center: The Month of January in the Making

CCAC North Library

The month of January is buzzing with new activities and information. Have a look into this month and be sure to stop by the Library and Speak to Mrs. Di Geronimo if you have any questions!

  1. New York Public Library Teen Banned Book Club

Hawthorne High School has joined the fight against book censorship with our “Teens Banned Book Club” display located in the library. 

From their website: “As the largest public library system in the country, The New York Public Library stands united with the American Library Association and libraries across the country against book bans. All year long, we’re taking the opportunity to elevate and amplify the stories, voices, and titles that censorship attempts to repress.

To reach teens across the country, NYPL is partnering with the American Library Association “to provide a free toolkit and other resources to readers, students, and educators nationwide.”

       2. New Year’s Resolutions

Located on one of the library’s shelves is a display of New Year’s resolution books to help you keep your resolution every day. These books were written to guide one through the year and motivate you to keep up with your resolution. 

       3. National News Literacy

What is The National News Literacy? This campaign highlights the crucial importance of news literacy in a democratic society and equips individuals of all generations with the necessary knowledge and resources to enhance their awareness and active participation in civic matters.

“Jan. 22-26, 2024. National News Literacy Week 2024, presented by the News Literacy Project and The E.W. Scripps Company, turns a spotlight on local news and its role in a healthy democracy.”

Hawthorne High School will emphasize the significance of being a smart digital citizen. They will share the importance of identifying misinformation, fake news, biased news, and AI-generated bot news.

Link: website

      4. SAT

This is something no one saw coming. The College Board will be assessing the SAT digitally! Having to have taken the SAT in 2022-2023 things will be different for the upcoming Juniors and Sophomores. After March of 2024, the SAT will be going digital.  

Click here to learn more 

  1. Hawthorne Student Book Reviews

Similar to the book reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, the HHS digital library catalog provides students with the chance to review library books. By simply logging in with a single click, all students can take advantage of this thrilling feature and express their thoughts on various books. In the upcoming month of January, the library will promote this feature and encourage students to visit to create their accounts.



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