Celebrating and Honoring Our Military


Robert Dutzar, Staff Writer

With Memorial Day rapidly approaching, many throughout the United States prepare to pay tribute to our troops. But, why wait for Memorial Day? In 1999, Congress dedicated May as National Military Appreciation Month. So, this May, no matter what the day, celebrate and honor all those who are or have served in the United States Military.

Although the whole month is dedicated to the troops, there are some special days set aside to honor military as well. May 1 is Loyalty Day. This is a special day for people to reaffirm their loyalty to the United States and to recognize the heritage of American freedom. May 8 is known as VE Day, and it is a day to celebrate the Allied Victory during WWII in 1945. May 9 is dedicated to military spouses with National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and May 17 is specifically known as Armed Forces. Of course, the most celebrated of all falls on the last Monday in May (May 26 this year), and is known as Memorial Day.

This month, whether you are barbequing, down the shore or relaxing by the pool, make sure to take some time out to reflect and appreciate all the brave men and women in the armed forces do for you.