Hawthorne Cubs Make It To Super Bowl

Keely Washburn, Staff Writer

The Hawthorne Cubs football and cheer leading programs are well known in the town of Hawthorne. The Cubs consist of the elementary and middle school kids.  This year the senior players (seventh and eighth grade) made it to the final game deciding who was the best of the best this year. It’s also known as the Super Bowl. This is the first year in three years since the senior boys or any Cub team made it to the Super Bowl. This is a big deal to the football family community.

The current seniors, junior, sophomores, and freshmen have all had the chance to make it, but for the past three years no team was lucky enough to make it to the final game. The last game played by the boys was on Saturday November 11 located at the Garfield field and against  Glen Rock. The game was cheered by senior cheerleaders and the crowd of family members, friends, and a ton of upperclassmen; all in the freezing cold weather, just to see if the boys would make it to the final game of the season.

The whole town was greatly anticipating the game, against Park Ridge (the only team they lost to all year)located at the Mark Ln River Vale filed. Senior A and B players and cheerleaders were able to participate in the wonderful game. The Friday before the game, the town hosted a team bonfire where all were welcome. The bonfire grew taller than than the buildings near by.

The next day on Saturday, Hawthorne set out to play the anticipated game. Unfortunately the boys did lose the game 7-6, yet the town of Hawthorne was extremely proud of their accomplishments