Grade School Memories: Fifth Grade Wax Museum


Sarah Christensen, Staff Writer

Seven years ago in fifth grade at Washington Elementary School, we were getting ready for the fifth grade living “Wax Museum” experience.

First, we had to pick what person we wanted to be and then research the events that they were famous for. I picked Sally Ride, the first American woman to enter space, so I had to do research on what she did and how she became famous.We had to study for at least one month on what we were going to say at the wax museum.

When the day came for the wax museum we had to go to school early to get ready. When everyone was getting ready my teacher was doing my hair and my other teacher was getting my outfit ready for the wax museum. After I got ready we had to line up to go to the gym to get into our spots and wait for  the other kids to line up: but when we got  in we had to close the door and get prepared for the rest of the kids to come.

And when they did, we had to stay still and act like a statue: and when the kids came to you they had to press a button on your shirt and when they did you had to start speaking about the person you who were portraying. We had to do it for 4 days straight!

After the last day we stood there for hours again and something exciting was happening in the art room: there were news reporters looking for someone to interview, and they interviewed me! They asked me questions  about why I wanted to be Sally Ride and I said I wanted to be her because showed me that women could do anything and she inspired me as well.

After I got done I left the art room and said goodbye to the news reporters and when I got back to my class, all my classmates and my teachers were so happy for me and they asked me questions like, “How did it go?” “What did they ask you?” and I told them it went good but I was kind of nervous because there were a lot of cameras in front of me.

When the day was done I got on the bus and went home and I told my family. They were so happy for me and for what I did.