Senior Spotlight: Janbi Kaghado

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Senior Spotlight: Janbi Kaghado

Marjes Castillo and Sarah Kozrosh

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As the Hawthorne Boys soccer season comes to an end, The Clarion would like to reflect on the accomplishments and talents of team captain, Janbi Kaghado.


CLARION: What awards did you win?

Janbi Kaghado: In my junior year, I received 2nd Team All League, 2nd Team All County, and honorable mention all state. My senior year season is still going, so I’m still waiting to hear if I will receive any awards this year.


CLARION: What was your initial reaction when you won?

Janbi Kaghado: I was very happy and proud of myself that I achieved this because it has been a long term goal for me to receive accolades for my athletic success in high school, so it gave me a great deal of confidence going forward with my soccer career.


CLARION: Who is your biggest supporter?

Janbi Kaghado: My father is definitely my biggest supporter. He is always at my games, observing how I play and giving me constructive criticism on what I should be doing better. I’m very fortunate to have my father be able to come to my games because he is such a major factor in my life.


CLARION: Do you plan to continue soccer throughout college?

Janbi Kaghado: Yes, I do plan on playing soccer throughout college. I am in contact with multiple college coaches, such as Saint Peter’s University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Ramapo College.


CLARION: What advice would you give underclassmen that look up to you?

Janbi Kaghado: The advice I would give to underclassmen is that their time flies by faster than you know it. Personally, my high school career has come and gone in a flash. Underclassmen have to understand that whether it’s training or game day, they have to treat it as if it’s their last, and they should work their hardest so that they can achieve success and make school history.


CLARION: How do you describe Coach McMann as a coach?

Janbi Kaghado: Coach McMann is a very good coach and very well balanced. By well balanced, I mean that he is great at being able to get the best out of the team during training and games. Also, he is exceptional when it comes to making time with players individually to motivate and get the best out of a player that maybe has hit a rough patch of form. I can certainly say that Coach McMann has helped me through some times where I hit poor form during the season, and he helped me make a rebound in result of performing better on the pitch.


CLARION: How did it feel being captain this season and how did that reflect your performance on and off the field?

Janbi Kaghado: Being picked to be captain gave me more responsibility on and off the field. This position made me watch out for my teammates and communicate better with them. It also allowed me to try to get the best out of every player during the game. I always tried to lead an example and lift my team when we needed a little extra push during the match to get us the result that we needed.


The Clarion would like to congratulate Janbi Kaghado on a great season, and we wish him luck with his future endeavors!

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