Boy Rescued From Borough Well


Rufus T. Firefly and Lubanah Alayoubi

10 year old Jimmy Spatzberger was rescued from the borough’s old well, located on East Prospect Street, near Washington School.

The incident unfolded over the weekend, when Spatzberger was playing in his backyard.

“One minute little Spatz was there,” said Lucy Spatzberger, the child’s mom, “and then next he isn’t. I called his name 100 times and nothing…”

It was then that next door neighbor and family friend, Joe Cooley, heard the commotion.

“I heard the screaming,” said Cooley, “and I knew, just knew, the kid had fallen into the well. We called the police immediately.”

The Hawthorne Police, Firemen, and EMT’s were on the scene in minutes, all trying to save the life of little Spatz. After a tense hour or more of trying, the boy was rescued from the well.

The frightened, but no worse for the wear young man, seemed happy to be back with family and friends.

“One minute I was chasing rainbows,” said little Spatz, “and the next, I’m falling into a well.”

All’s well that ends well. Another exciting day in the Borough of Hawthorne!