Car Crashes into Bella Fig Restaurant

Andrea Oliver, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, February 11, at around 12:45 PM, a car slammed into Bella Fig a Restaurant on Lincoln Avenue.

The car stopped after crashing into the building as it was stuck between a fire hydrant and the building itself. No injuries were sustained by people at the site.  At 2:15 the same day, Lincoln Avenue was reopened and traffic continued as normal.

The two suspects at the scene have now been identified as  Twyuan Lopez, 42, and Hommy Colon, 40. They were both caught running from the scene as police and first responders arrived. Both suspects were seen running into a house on Passaic Avenue, police said.

The two were arrested and escorted to St. Joseph’s Medical Center after their car was searched. According to police their car was found to contain two envelopes of heroin, marijuana, six baggies of crack cocaine, and several capped and uncapped needles. Lopez surrendered to the police; however, Colon had to be forcefully taken from the house.

After being released from the hospital they were both taken to Passaic County Jail where the await their trial.  Colon was also issued 20 motor vehicle summonses along with the drug charges.