Nail Salon COVID Edition!

Kaleah Morrison, Staff Writer

I know the ladies and gentlemen who like to get pedicures and manicures are very happy at this time. With all the chaos going on surrounding COVID-19, nail salons are now open again for business after being closed for quarantining purposes. You must wonder what the new regulations and policies must be, considering that social distancing is strictly enforced, and the use of masks at all times. A popular method now used by mostly all of the nail salons, upon your arrival to the nail salon, you must make an appointment ahead of time via phone, social media, or however you contact your nail artist. Securing your time with your nail salon, will ensure a safe spot and time for you to enter the salon. Usually they will ask you to arrive 5-10 minutes earlier to convenience both of you. They suggest coming earlier now, which allows the appointment times to stagger so that it could reduce as much crowding as possible. Once you arrive to the nail salon, you must make sure you have your mask on, and for the safety of your nail artist, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer in advance. Everyone in the nail salon has to stay safely distanced 6 feet apart. Hand washing stations have been added to some beauty and nail salons. At most nail salons now they require temperature checks upon arrival. The employees are strongly encouraged to avoid touching their faces including their eyes, mouth, and nose. Easy to follow signs have been placed at a variety of these nail salons so that you know how to follow all the new rules and regulations correctly with no confusion or questions. Signs are placed outside to tell anyone experiencing any symptoms, cannot enter. All 0f these new rules have proved to be successful because the COVID rates are thankfully not rising in nail salons.

Once seated with your nail artist, most places have a clear plastic screen that separates the client from the nail artist.  This plastic screen helps prevent germs and the cross spread of air between each other, considering COVID is spread by coughing, sneezing, or talking. For the safety of themselves and their families, these employees must follow and enforce the rules strongly at these nail salons. After every client, the nail artists clean and disinfect their area, pens, desks, counters, and more to be prepared for the next client. These employees must wear gloves and masks at all times for the safety of everyone. The nail artists also have to invest in single-use products and disposable products because it helps to lower the spread of the virus, if they throw everything out after using it once each time. In my opinion, I feel like it’s very dangerous to have nail salons open because of pandemic. As we all know, this virus can spread effortlessly like wildfire, and not everyone is cautious enough to stay safe. The hands and mouth are how the virus is most commonly spread. As the clients, we have to remember that even with the rules put in place and the safety precautions taken, you can still possibly come in contact with or catch the virus. All close interactions within 6 feet of employees, clients, and others is a potential source of exposure to COVID. Considering these factors and with the 6-foot social distancing rule enforced as well, I don’t see how nail salons are even open. Although I’m not judging anyone who  chooses to go and get their nails done. It’s always okay to treat yourself, but in a time like this, please only go out when you feel healthy and well.