New Rules at Restaurants and Bars

Ryan Barhorst, Staff Writer

With the spike in Covid-19 cases in NJ, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has applied new rules to restaurants and bars. From now until further notice, there will be no more barside seating and every person dining inside a restaurant/bar must leave at 10:00pm.

This could seriously hurt some businesses who depend on their barside seating and late eaters. This also means that bars are going to take a huge hit in business as their main source of income is being limited. 

However, some businesses have answers for this with outdoor dining with heaters. This could be helpful where people who normally sit at the bar or eat late at night will go outside now and drink and eat under a heater.

With temperatures dropping though this option might not last. Some businesses don’t suffer though as their kitchen normally closes at 10:00pm anyway. Will Covid-19 force another shutdown for restaurants and bars? Or is this just the beginning and we will be forced into another lockdown with this spike in cases?