New New Jersey Inhabitants


Sophia Utvik, Editor

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Joro Spider, but if you haven’t, let’s cut to the chase. There’s a giant flying spider who came from Japan and is on the way to New Jersey for the summer.

Along with the murder hornets it feels like we’re turning into an East Coast Australia.

The Joro spiders are actually quite pretty though ! They range from 0.7-2.5cm in size and are referred to as flying because of how they connect a string of their silk for UP TO 100 MILES, and can go flying on it in the wind (which seems cute, but it’s terrifying since they aren’t small).

It’s not that they’re huge either, but they have such thick abdomens that they remind me of a cave crickets.They were last found in Georgia, but are local to the entirety of Japan, minus Hokkaido.

On the positive side, they eat mosquitoes and stink bugs, which are a common pests here. While they are venomous, they cannot penetrate human skin, so aside from dodging them flying around, we might not have anything to worry about!

Though considered invasive, they aren’t any sort of danger to us and I personally think we should home and study them here !!