Growing Beards In Manuary

Sarah Kearsley, Staff Writer

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Manuary, a facial hair-growing fundraiser, changed the appearance of many male teachers and students of Hawthorne High School from the beginning of January to February 3.

Students and teachers participated in this fundraiser by growing their facial hair. Student participants were Steven Kunze, Phil Polentarutti, Matt Grimmaldi, Michael Padilla, Chris Altemus, and Michael Willis. Faculty participants were Matthew Corvo, Scott Crimmel, Sean Van Winkle, Alan Rosenberg, Chris Warner, Bill Lynn, Paul Wojciechowski, and Patrick McQueeney.

Students voted for the “best beard” during their lunch periods in the cafeteria on February 6, 7, and 8. Students would vote by putting money into a jar designated for the “beard” of their choice.

The winner of “longest beard” was physical education teacher, Paul Wojciechowski. Second place winner was history teacher, Matthew Corvo. Kelly Clifford and Matthew Corvo, junior class advisors, came up with this idea to raise money for the junior class.

Woj (as he is fondly called) is so loved by his students, that Corvo believes, “Even if Woj didn’t participate in Manuary, he would’ve won.”

“It was a fun fundraiser for the class of ’13, and it showed a lot of school spirit, which was great,” Corvo said about the fundraiser.


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