Spanish Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Sabrina Mohsin, Staff Writer

The Spanish Honor Society (SHS) Induction Ceremony took place on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 7 p.m. A total of 16 new members were inducted to extend the HHS Spanish Honor Society to 22 members.

Karina Rivas, one of the two SHS advisors, was excited to watch her students get inducted on Tuesday evening. “I am very proud that 16 of my students were inducted,” said Rivas.

A person must meet several requirements to become a SHS member. A student must have a 90 average, have completed 2 ½ years of the Spanish curriculum, and have shown an interest in the Spanish culture.

Former SHS member Nyka Reyes, SHS president Kim Meneses, and SHS secretary Sabrina Mohsin, participated in traditional rituals such as reciting a poem and oath and performing a candle-lighting ceremony with the inductees. After the induction was over, family and friends were welcomed to enjoy some pastries and snacks in the cafeteria.