Honors English Goes to Lincoln Center

Jessica Terrizzi, Staff Writer

On Thursday, May 17, 2012, Alyssa Schlossberg’s Honors English II classes took a class trip to Lincoln Center in New York City to see Mythunderstood.

When the students first arrived at Lincoln Center, they were given passes for a tour of the Lincoln Center Ballet and the Lincoln Center Broadway Theater to see where they perform the Tony awarding-winning show “War Horse.” On the tour, students learned that the ballet theater was designed to look like a jewelry box. The ceiling was made of gold, the lights were made to look like chandelier earrings, and the insides of the elevators were made to look like the band of a wristwatch. Students were also allowed to see the theater where, at the time, the orchestra was practicing for a new ballet called The Blue Necklace.

On the tour of the broadway theater, the students were given insight into how they make the main character, Joey, who is a horse, come to life. Three men maneuver the puppet to make it seem as if it is a real horse galloping across the stage. One man operates the back legs, another works the front legs, and the third maneuvers the head and the ears.

On the walk to the building where Mythunderstood was be performed, the students walked past the famous schools of the arts Julliard and the American School of Ballet.

After the tour, the students went to see Mythunderstood. Mythunderstood was a play put on by three actors from the Point of Entry Theatre Company, and it gives a modern feel to Greek myths in order to help students understand them. These myths were performed in order to teach the students a lesson. At the end, the actors told the students that the lesson being taught was that when you do something you need to realize that there will be consequences.

Hawthorne High School sophomore, Sarah Kearsley, said, “I thought the trip to Lincoln Center was nice because we got to see a lot. We didn’t just watch Mythunderstood; we got to see how productions are put on and how they prepare for them.”