Spanish Club Raises Money & Awareness

Clarion Staff, Photo by Clarion Staff

The HHS Spanish Club has raised a total of $1,305 for the Pulsera Project to support former street children in Nicaragua. The Pulsera Project is a nonprofit organization that sells beautiful handmade bracelets (or “pulseras” in Spanish). These bracelets are made in Nicaragua by former street children. The money from the sale of these pulseras in the United States is used to empower the young men and women who make them, as well as to support several shelters that rescue kids from dangerous and abusive lives on the streets. In addition, club advisor Karina Rivas explains that “the Pulsera Project not only gives aid but empowers former street kids with the skills they need to build a bright future for themselves. The Project is able to provide jobs, scholarships, medicine, food, clothing, transportation, a reforestation project, computers, electricity, books, clean water supply, field trips, sports equipment, substantial support for shelter operations and so much more.”

This is the second year the HHS Spanish Club has sponsored this fundraiser. The bracelets were sold for $5 each in the cafeteria during lunch periods.

Club member Rich Rivera said, “This is a good cause to support. The money goes to people who don’t have much, like we do, and this will help them have a better life.” Rivas further added, “The Pulsera Project gave us an opportunity to help South American youths academically and socially. In turn, the staff and students at Hawthorne High School became part of a global service to add to the futures of many Nicaraguans youth who live in these shelters.”


In photo are sophomores JC Cintron and Rich Rivera