Food For Fridays

Jessica Terrizzi, Staff Writer

The HHS service club called SHARE recently started a drive called Food For Fridays in order to collect food for the people staying at the Paterson YMCA.

The goal of Food For Fridays is to collect as much canned food as possible every Friday to help supplement the food supply for the residents of the Paterson YMCA. The people who are staying at the Paterson YMCA are temporarily homeless and find refuge there until they can find somewhere else to live. Students, faculty, and staff can support the cause by dropping off their canned food items to SHARE adviser Christopher Ward in room 220.

This nonperishable food will be delivered to the YMCA once a month, every month, for the rest of the school year. SHARE hopes that Food For Fridays will become a popular event that lasts until the need for it is gone, which, Ward added, “unfortunately may be never.” This monthly donation of canned foods will continue every school year for as long as Ward remains a teacher and the SHARE club adviser at Hawthorne High School.

Ward said, “Obviously there is a serious need there, and I think that one thing that seems to be missing in our society is a proactive response to dire situations. I hope SHARE will be an agency that will teach students that they can make a difference.”

Brandon Terrizzi, freshman at HHS and member of SHARE stated, “I feel that Food For Fridays is a great program since it helps provide food for people in need. By helping other people, SHARE is showing others what this club is truly about.”