The Best of The Clarion


Olivia Meier, Staff Writer

This is the first full year that Hawthorne High School’s student newspaper, The Clarion, has been on the web. To celebrate the success, both Journalism I and Journalism II classes put their favorite articles into a print version of the paper called “The Best of The Clarion,” which was published on Tuesday, June 4, 2013.

Clarion 2
K. Spoelstra

Eight hundred copies of this print version were printed and distributed to students in each homeroom throughout the school. A picture of the journalism classes was proudly displayed on the front cover with every participating members name below.

“This is my second year writing for The Clarion and even though last year was wonderful, this year was even better. I’m so proud of everyone who contributed to our paper,” said Stephanie Doot, HHS junior and The Clarion’s Photography Editor.

The Journalism classes, taught by Kali Spoelstra, decided to dedicate this paper to HHS’s graduating class of 2013.