Digital Media Club: Introducing the Digital Age

Robert Dutzar, Staff Writer

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Hawthorne High School introduced a new Digital Media Club for the 2013-2014 school year under the advisement of Media Arts teacher John DiLonardo.

Members of the Digital Media Club will create a digital book that will showcase some of the best artwork produced in all of the art programs at Hawthorne High School.

Club member and senior Anthony Pinos said the collaboration book is “a good idea for students to show off the work that they have done through all art programs in the school.”

Also, the members will be discussing short films and having guest speakers who will talk about the creative industry. When DiLonardo was asked why the club was started this year he said, “With Media Arts growing as a class and with the importance of digital technology in the world today, it is a good topic for interested high school students to explore, learn and have fun.”

Meetings are held every other week in the Media Studio and are open to all students. More meeting dates may be added if needed, based on the activity of the club.

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