Opinions on New Schedule


Olivia Meier , Staff Writer

For the 2013-2014 school year, Hawthorne High School has introduced the rotating modified drop schedule. In this new schedule, there are only six periods a day, everyone has a common lunch, and the periods rotate day by day. For almost two months now, this schedule has been in effect. Everyone has an opinion about it, but overall the reaction is relatively positive.

Many teachers and students are in favor of the new schedule. Amy Miller, science teacher at HHS, said, “I like it because you get a break every few days and do not have the same class every day. It also gives you more time for both teaching and preparing, which is a very nice bonus. The best thing though is that I get to teach a new, fun elective.”

Freshmen Gabby Sloan and sophomore Lara Bookholt both agreed with Miller’s sentiments on the new schedule. Sloan stated that although it was a bit confusing at first, “it’s nice because we get more electives.” Bookholt commented on the rotation of the schedule saying, “It’s easy, and I like it very much. Not having the same class every day is my favorite part by far.”

The common lunch is also a new element to the drop schedule. Prior to this year, students’ lunches were spread out between four periods a day. This new common lunch schedule was a concern for many students in the beginning of the year, but ended up working out great.

Talia Firenze, junior, stated, “During the first days of school, the common lunch period was very hard to get used to. It was over-crowded, and the line for lunch was very long. Eventually, though, the staff put in more tables and the conditions became more bearable.”

Bookholt agrees, saying, “There is a lot of people in lunch, but you get to sit with all your friends. So, that makes up for it.”

Senior Renee Van Olden even went as far to say that the common lunch is “the thing I love most about the new schedule.” She said, “I can go out to eat with my friends and do not have to worry about them having a different lunch period than me.”

Over all, the new schedule is doing well at HHS, and students are excited about it.