Class of 2014 Volleyball Tournament


H. Cimillo

Robert Dutzar, Staff Writer

Hawthorne High School senior class participated in the annual Senior Volleyball Tournament on December 13, 2013.

The tournament allowed the Class of 2014 to have a fun and competitive day after many were up late enjoying the Holiday Dance the night previous.

A total of 15 teams rolled out for the tournament. The team names were Carli’s Angles, Annihilators, Ace’s Army, Maybach Music Group, Pink Panthers, Tru, The Woppers, Those 70’s Kids, Liverpool, The Quad Squad, The Looney Toons, The Bomb Squad, Super Six, Scooby Doo Gang, and Santa and His Elves. The teams competed in a 4-round elimination tournament to decide the winners.

The teams that advanced to round 2 were Carli’s Angels, Ace’s Army, Maybach Music Group, Tru, Liverpool, Quad Squad, Super Six, and Santa and His Elves.

The final round of the tournament saw Santa and His Elves, led by Dave De Korte, taking on Tru, led by Dondre Santouse. In the end, Santa and His Elves got the win over Tru with a score of 21-19.

Between rounds of the tournament, teams that were eliminated in round 1 participated in a constellation round. Once a team lost, it was out of the constellation tournament.

The constellation tournament ended with Maybach Music Group, led by Rami Hassan, going against the Annihilators, led by Richie Christensen. It was won by Maybach Music Group in a tight 3-point win.

Seniors who did not want to participate in the tournament cheered on teams from the bleachers. Spectator and senior Joey D’Ascoli said, “It was really cool seeing my friends try so hard.”

“It was an enjoyable day of playing volleyball with friends,” said senior and Annihilators team member Christensen.