Senior Scholarships: Hawthorne Community Gives Back


HHS senior filling out her scholarship forms.

Olivia Meier , Staff Writer

Hawthorne High School seniors were introduced to the generosity of their community. On January 6, 2014, guidance counselor and scholarship program chairperson Linda Dominick talked to all HHS seniors about applying for local scholarships.

The scholarships come from various places throughout the community of Hawthorne such as: elementary, middle and high school PTOs, various businesses and individuals who enjoy giving back.

Last year alone, 64 seniors received scholarships, adding up to a grand total of $89,000. The minimum an individual may receive is $250 and the largest amount a single student received last year was $7,000. A student can also receive more than one scholarship.

Although the presentation was given to all HHS seniors, these scholarships are also open to all Hawthorne senior high school residents,  no matter what school they may attend.

To apply for the scholarship, one must complete an online application that can be found on the HHS website. There are seven parts that must be filled out in order to be eligible to receive a scholarship: student data, family background, college/post-secondary school expenses, a personal recommendation letter, a teacher recommendation form, a resume, and an essay.

Most parts of the application, like student data and family background, are simply forms that must be filled out. The personal recommendation letter, however, is a little more complex. A student wishing to receive a scholarship must get a reference outside of a family member or the classroom to highlight his or her achievements. This means the recommendation cannot come from another student, friend, parent or teacher. For example, a student can get a recommendation from an employer, neighbor, or coach. In the event that a coach is also a classroom teacher, this would be allowed. A resume also must be included, highlighting the student’s extracurricular activities, accomplishments and awards both in and outside of high school. The last part is the essay, which must be 300 words or less, describing the student’s aims, interests and goals in life.

All applications are due January 31, 2014 in order to be eligible. The scholarships will be announced and received at HHS Senior Awards Night on May 14, 2014 in the HHS Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.