Faculty Wins Senior-Faculty Basketball Game


A live action shot from the Faculty-Senior Basketball Game on March 20.

Olivia Meier, Staff Writer

Hawthorne High School’s Class of 2015 hosted a senior vs. faculty basketball game on Thursday, March 20, 2014, in the school gymnasium at 7 p.m. The staff took an enormous lead over the seniors, winning 75 to 41.

The staff who participated include: Eric Van Tine, Angelo Guarnieri, Billy Lynn, John Passero, Jim Clementi, Joe Letterese, Mickey Ennis, Ryan McMann, Jackie Turco, Jackie Peene, Megan Lane and Sarah Laudano.

The seniors who participated include: Leon (LJ) Kozlowski, Nick Miller, Conor Gugliotta, Jurgen Qosja, Dondre Santouse, Justin Charles, Anthony Cammarota, Tommy Garlow, Joseph (JJ) Russo, Tino Graziano, Gilberto Rodriquez, David Peralta, Christina Pecoraro, Julianna O’Neill, Renee Van Olden, Samantha Tolomeo, Mallory Noordeloos, Rebecca Alonzo, and Kevin and Jason McKeown.

During the first quarter, the faculty and seniors seemed equally matched. The seniors took the lead with senior Santouse sinking three 3-point shots, and seniors Rodriquez and Noordeloos playing great defense. During the second quarter, however, the seniors fell behind trailing the faculty by 10 points as Van Tine, Clementi, and Lynn scored 2-pointers left and right for the faculty.

During half time, HHS cheerleaders, many being apart of the Class of 2015, hosted a “half-court shot contest” against the bear mascot, Dustin Scully. Sophomores Mackenzie Conroy and Joseph Ulrich and freshman Jack Hines were randomly chosen to participate in the contest. None of the students, including Scully, made the shot, but they all received t-shirts and gave the crowd some good entertainment. There was also a snack sale held by the juniors where spectators could buy baked goods, chips and bottled watered.

The game picked up during the third quarter. McMann helped keep the faculty’s lead with two 3-pointers. Peene also contributed, sinking three 2-pointers, while Van Tine played some outstanding defense.  Although they were trailing by over 20 points, the seniors put on a good show. The senior McKeown twins had some great shots that kept the crowd cheering.

Finally, in the fourth quarter, the faculty kept a steady lead with two more 2-pointers by Peene and three 2-pointers by McMann. As hard as the seniors tried, even with O’Neill showing some great defensive skill, the faculty ultimately kept up their lead to win the game.

Santouse, player for the seniors, commented on the game saying, “The event was a lot of fun and many people showed up to support the Class of 2015, along with all the seniors and staff participating, which was great. It was awesome to see some of the talents of the teachers.”

The Class of 2015 plans to hold this same fundraiser next year, not only due to the financial success of the night, but also because of the fun enjoyed by all students and faculty.