2015 Senior Volleyball Tournament

Katherine Interiano

Seniors participate in this year's senior volleyball tournament

Katherine Interiano and Rocco Pecoraro

The senior Class of 2015 participated in their annual volleyball tournament which was held on Monday, January 19. At any given moment, there were two games going on in the main gym and one game going on the side gym, with non-participants in the bleachers. Keeping score were Hawthorne High School teachers Mrs. Gerdes, Mr.McMann, and Mr. Letterese. Some seniors were showing their HHS pride by incorporating our school colors into their team uniforms. Others like the “American Snipers” and the “Dream Cashers” were wearing either camouflage or all black. The tournament lasted all day and ended with a pizza party. The winners, “What’s Leg Day”, may not have won a tangible prize, but they did win recognition and bragging rights.