AP Calc Students Visit New Era


B. Pasquale

AP Calc students at New Era. Back row (left to right): Abby Provencher, Rachael Milbrook, Nina Nadirashvili, Lisa Scola, Bridget Grenier, Taylor Conroy, Julia Zuckerberg, Leyla Yakoub, Paul Reilly, Joey Kawash, Ryan Gurriell Front row (left to right): Cheryl Smith, Jake Grootenboer, Steven Sutphin

Nina Nadirashvili, Contributor

Advanced Placement Calculus students, along with their teacher Cheryl Smith, took a fieldtrip to New Era Converting Machinery, Inc. on May 18.

Meeting with owner (and HHS alum) Robert Pasquale, the students discussed engineering fields, careers, co-ops and internships. They also learned what the engineers do at a company such as New Era. Students then took a facility tour and were shown a demonstration of 3D software.

After returning to the high school, Ms. Smith commented, “After the rigorous school year and the AP test, I took the hardworking students of AP Calculus to a local engineering facility and I hope that their eyes were opened to the field and broadened their horizons concerning math and science fields.” Student Leyla Yakoub added, “This was a great experience that really helped us understand how calculus is applied in the real world.”