The Art Show

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The Art Show

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On Thursday May 21 the incredible talents of the Hawthorne High School students were on display at the annual Art Show that was held in the school’s courtyard and auditorium hallway. Participating in this year’s event were students from Mr. Di Lonardo’s Media Arts classes, Mr. Rosenberg’s Ceramic classes, and Ms. Russo’s Art classes.

The Media Arts classes presented some of their personality photography projects in the hallway outside of the new cafeteria. This project was a group effort between two people who were to photograph each other and somehow portray their personalities in the shot. Junior Kaylee Syders said, “All of these projects are really inspiring and it makes me wish I could do it too.” The Media Arts students also had a computer set up where fellow students could have their pictures taken; and then have that pictured “morphed” into something almost unrecognizable.

Mr. Di Lonardo explained how the face morphing works, “The Face morphing is actually a filter affect in photo shop, which is an adobe software editing program…you take a picture with photo booth and you can move the pixels around to make adjustments to a person’s face to make them look a little alien like or change the way they look in general. It kind of gives them a caricature feel.”

Taking place in the auditorium foyer,  the ceramics display was filled with numerous works of art. The ceramic pieces ranged from dining sets and statues, to pieces of cermaic sushi. Additionally, members of the broadcasting and media arts departments were present at the scene with their works that ranged from advertisements to stop motion footage; while the media arts’ works ranged from designs for a deck of cards to bars of soap. Students like Cielle Tousignant, Carly Weinstein, and Raji Daghistani had their works on display.

A lot of students had nothing but pleasant things to say about the ceramics that were displayed. Senior Jessica Bryan, when asked on her opinion regarding the ceramics works, replied by saying, “These ceramics are truly pieces of fine art. The students with artwork featured here show true talent.”

The courtyard was once again filled with the wonderful drawings and paintings created by Ms. Russo’s Art classes. The displayed art covered all areas including painting, sketch drawing, ink drawings, and pointillism. The Art III Honor’s class had their own special showcases in the center of the courtyard. Talia Firenze, Alex Wojtecki, and Kayla Gordon were just some of the students who proudly displayed their portfolios.

When asked what the best part of the Art Show is, Ms. Russo responded, “It’s the best way to expose the talent and hard work the students have been putting in all year and for some, several years, to the entire school and community.”


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