Italian Honor Society Induction


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Cielle Tousignant, Staff Writer

The Italian Honor Society induction was held on Wednesday, May 27, 2015. Twenty-three new junior students were inducted into this prestigious society. This society’s goal is to celebrate the Italian language and culture and to honor those who are on their way to mastering the language.

All Italian III Honors students who had a certain grade point average in their three years of high school Italian are considered for a spot in the honor society. After looking at grades, the Italian Honor Society’s adviser, Ms. Karen McSherry, then accepts students that meet the standards necessary to be inducted into the organization.

The induction itself was a great success. Family and friends gathered in the Hawthorne High School auditorium to see the senior Italian Honor Society members be presented with their cords and to see the new members officially become part of the society.  The inductees said an oath promising to promote Italian culture and then preceded with a presentation about the Renaissance or “Rinascimento” in Italian.

Co-Presidents of the society, Sebastiano Inturrisi and Stephanie Hauser, hosted the event. Guest speakers included the HHS principal, Daniel LaGrone, the Superintendent of schools, Richard Spirito, and President of the Hawthorne Board of Education, Alex Clavijo.

Thank you to everyone that made this induction such a success.