Junior Class Takes a Trip to the Beach


J. Peene

Juniors at the beach

Cielle Tousignant, Staff Writer

The Junior class went on a class trip to Point Pleasant Beach on Wednesday, June 3. The 102 juniors were accompanied by four chaperones, Ms. Jaclyn Peene, Ms. Allyson Gerdes, Mr. Josh Kabrel, and Mr. Joe Letterese. Students enjoyed the beach field trip and the bonding experience.

Students were split into four teams: Red Team, Green Team, Yellow Team, and Orange Team. These teams competed in team bonding beach games and competed for the ultimate prize: famous Kohr’s Ice Cream. Congrats to Mr. Letterese’s Yellow Team for coming out the overall winners. After the games, students enjoyed spending time in Jenkinson’s Arcade, relaxing on the beach, playing football and volleyball, and so much more.

The trip was organized by the Class of 2016’s advisers, Ms. Peene and Ms. Gerdes. The students were as excited about the success of the trip as the advisers were. Junior Peyton Boyd said, “Even though it was cold, we still managed to have fun! I think everybody really enjoyed themselves.”