Anti-Violence Assembly 2015

Lara Bookholt, Staff Writer

On October 23rd, Joe “The Trick-Star” Odhiambo visited our school for an assembly to conclude our anti-violence week. All grades gathered in the gym to watch the former NBA All-Star Performer show off his talent. Odhiambo spoke about respect, and caring for one another in order to avoid violence.

The assembly was upbeat and lively and students enjoyed the time they spent there. “The assembly was fascinating, I enjoyed being chosen from the stands to interact with the performance,” said underclassman, Katelyn Moro. Senior, Mackenzie Costello, elaborated upon the message displayed throughout the assembly, “Joe Odhiambo gave awesome advice to students by telling us that we should respect the people around us and build them up as we would want for ourselves.”

All in all, the message behind the assembly rang true while the performance captured the attention of the audience.