Hallway Decorating 2015


Ryan Lemaire

Junior Hallway

Lara Bookholt, Staff Writer

Spirit week drew to a close on October 30. One of the last events was hallway decorating. Hawthorne High School students spent hours upon hours working on decorations for their hallways. Decorating  took place on October 29, from 3:00-9:30 pm. Each class put in a hefty amount of work in order to prepare for the hallway decorating. Each class chose a different theme:

Freshmen- Harry Potter

– This hallway was decorated as Hogwarts. Fake candles were taped to the ceiling, and doors were decorated to resemble popular things from the movies; for example, the train stop 9 ¾ was labeled as it is in Harry Potter. There were envelopes with people’s names, representing the invitation to the School of Wizardry.

Sophomores- 60’s

– The hallway was covered in peace signs, tapestries, and vinyl records. There was a well drawn cut-out of a love bus, which was decorated with peace signs, flowers, and vibrant colors. All in all, the hallway captured the essence of the 1960’s. Peace signs and smiley faces covered the lockers in order to represent each student.

Juniors- Under the Sea

–  The junior hallway was covered in blue from top to bottom, with blue plastic draped along the ceiling. Fish painted on the wall were named in honor of the teachers who taught in that wing. Crepe paper was used to resemble seaweed, on the walls and lockers, in varying shades of green. The focal point of this hallway was the SS 2017, which was cardboard with PVC pipes, made to resemble a ship.    

Seniors- Movie Theatre

– This hallway had black paper covering all of the walls. Over top of the black paper there were hand-drawn movie posters, ranging from 1997-2016 with Graduation (Coming Soon). Each student was represented in the beginning credits at the beginning of the hallway, and people were given titles such as “director” and “choreographer”. Red, gold, and black tablecloths were draped along the ceiling to create the dark movie theatre feel. Each person’s locker was represented with either a VIP access pass, or a star.

All in all, HHS students worked vigorously to pull our hallway decorating together. All grades created outstanding and impressive hallways. A big congratulations to the juniors for winning hallway decorating!