Quarterback Ryan Vander Werf: Road to the Championship

Alli Getchell, Staff Writer

Senior, Ryan Vander Werf is the captain of the football team and an honors student. VanderWerf is the starting quarterback and has been able to lead the team to the semi-finals of states. As the team is preparing for semi-finals against Glen Rock High School this upcoming Saturday November 21, we sat down with Vander Werf to get the inside scoop.

Clarion reporter : In your opinion, what are the team’s dynamics for this year?

Vander Werf : “[We have] a really strong run game, versatility and our linemen are very strong.” Sitting comfortably at a table, I read off the second question.

Clarion reporterAre there any team rituals that you do before or after the games?

Vander Werf : “There aren’t any we do before the games, but if we win, we go into the den and dance to music specifically the song ‘Jump On It’ by Sugarhill Gang.”

Clarion reporterWhat is your take on the coaches of the team?

Vander Werf : “The coaches are really nice and helpful. They’ve able to prepare us well each week. We watch film weekly, and the coaches always have extremely helpful tips on how to play against each team.”

-VanderWerf played for Depaul Catholic High School in Wayne, NJ his freshmen and sophomore year of high school, then transferred to HHS his junior year.

Clarion reporterHow does playing at HHS compare to DePaul?

Vander Werf“Definitely different. The team here is smaller, [and are] kids I’ve played with since I was young. The kids from DePaul are from all over. I love playing with my friends and going into states with them has been an experience that I will never forget. ”

Clarion reporterAre you excited, nervous, ready for the game Saturday?

Vander Werf“[There’s] a lot of nerves, but we’re also ready to go. The nerves come with excitement. Definitely one of the biggest games of our lives.”

Clarion reporterWhat went wrong last time, and how will it be different?

Vander Werf : “Last time it was only the second game and our team did not have the same chemistry as we do now. Since then, we’ve grown as a team.”

Clarion reporterGive some thoughts on how the game will go?

Vander Werf : “ We’ve been practicing really hard all week, we’re ready mentally and physically. I believe that we’ll win.” 

The football team will be playing Glen Rock Saturday November 21 away at Glen Rock at 2:15 pm. Everyone here at the Clarion is looking forward for the game, and hoping for the best. Good luck to all the football players on Saturday. Go Bears!