Girls’ Basketball Assistant Coach

Sarah Wisniewski, Staff Writer

Recently, assistant coach Sara Laudino had to leave Hawthorne High School’s girls’ basketball team due to an early call to attend the Meriden Police Academy in Meridan, Connecticut.

Laudino’s last game was against Manchester Regional on Dec. 22. Both varsity and JV won the game. Everyone was sad to see Coach Laudino go, but proud that she had been accepted into the academy she had been longing to go to.

Luckily for the team, previous coach, Jaclyn Peene has agreed to fill the spot. Peene coached her first game as assistant coach at Pompton Lakes High School on Jan. 5.  Unfortunately, both teams lost but nonetheless both played aggressively and until the last second on the clock. The new assistant coach did very well in her first game and plans to bring success throughout the season.

This is Peene’s sixth year as a basketball coach. She decided to return because of previous success saying, “I coached with Coach Lane a couple seasons ago and we worked well together.” She gives the girls credit by adding, “It is also a great group of girls who play.”

Her biggest challenge is time. Coming onto the team to coach mid-season was difficult but knowing all the girls either from previous teams or teaching was a comfort in the transition.

Despite the challenges, junior Lindsay Graham, who had Peene as a coach before says, “She really knows what she is doing. I’m really thankful to have a coach that know so much about the game.” Most importantly she learned from coach to work as hard as you can and keep pushing no matter how much it hurts.

Most importantly, the assistant coach wants the girls to walk away with a lesson, “Respect yourself, your teammates, and your opponents.”

Best of luck this season!