Mr. Hawthorne: George Nadirashivili


L. Matari

George being George.

Lara Bookholt, Staff-Writer

At the competition to become Mr. Hawthorne on March 4, a confident George Nadirashivili will step out on the stage for his first time. After sitting down with George, one may easily say that he is a fierce competitor.

Clarion Reporter: What are some of the things that you’re a part of at Hawthorne High School?

Nadirashivili: I’m a part of the boys soccer team, the junior class cabinet, student council, and peer leaders.

  • After asking soccer coach, Ryan McMann about his opinion of Nadirashivili he commented, “George is a quick learner, with the fur of a bear, and the beard of a wise lumberjack.”

Clarion Reporter: What encouraged you to be part of Mr. Hawthorne?

Nadirashivili: I decided to do Mr. Hawthorne because I saw how much fun the guys were having the past few years. I wanted to be a part of something this awesome!

Clarion Reporter: Do you think you’ll be the next Mr. Hawthorne?

Nadirashivili: Come on, of course I’m going to win.

Clarion Reporter: What do you think of your competition? Who do you think your biggest competitor is?

Nadirashivili: I think very highly of my competition and respect all of them equally. However, I have to admit that I am a bit scared of Liam Morrissey… He’s just so dreamy!

Clarion Reporter: Tell me something about yourself that you’d want the audience at Mr. Hawthorne and the Hawthorne Community to know.

Nadirashivili: I’m just an average guy who is looking for more and more success. So… “Ride with me thru my journey of more success.”-DJ Khaled

Hawthorne High School wishes nothing but the best of luck for Nadirashivili and the rest of the competitors in their venture to become Mr. Hawthorne! Join us on March 4, 2016 for a great show and a great laugh.