Mr. Hawthorne: Kareem Habal


Leah Matari

Mr. Hawthorne candidate Kareem Habal

Dakota Brantner, Staff Writer

With March quickly approaching, our annual Mr. Hawthorne pageant is back again! Everyone’s favorite pageant is back and better than ever.  The contestants for the annual show have been chosen and have been practicing non-stop.  Each boy is putting their own twist on a talent round, fashion round and question round.  Get ready to meet one of the contestants: senior Kareem Habal!

Habal is a part of the plays and musicals in our Hawthorne High School drama department.  He is also in the school’s drama club run by Mrs. Jill Hackett.  He also sang in chorus in his sophomore, junior and the beginning of his senior year.  Throughout these activities, Habal has shown hard work and dedication to an extreme extent. Whether he is recreating a character on stage or belting out notes in chorus, Habal never fails to do his best.  He puts his heart into his performances so we can be sure to expect something great from him at Mr.Hawthorne. 

Each contestant has his own reason to be a part of the show; Habal  wanted to go on stage and show Hawthorne his wild side. For the first time, he wanted to go on that stage without a script, and show Hawthorne what he really can do.  Also since it’s his senior year, he wanted to be as involved as he possibly can.  He thought he would fit in well with the other contestants in Mr. Hawthorne. He is ready to show HHS a new side of him.  

As much as Habal would love to win, he is not only in it for the title. In Habal’s opinion, winning is not as important as  having fun. His main desire is to have a good time and make people laugh. Winning for him would just be an added plus to the experience.  He hopes to just look at the crowd and see people smiling because of his performance. He may not be doing this strictly for the win, but he will not go down without a fight for that crown!

Kareem is excited to compete against everyone he is up against.  He believes his biggest competition will be Marc Crilly(a junior) or Christian Wojtecki(a junior). “They are both incredibly funny and crazy people.  I definitely need to watch out for those two.” Kareem says.  He is ready to face these two competitors and every other contestant for that crown.

Just like everyone else Kareem has an unique personality.  Kareem is a very open person and this competition doesn’t scare him.  He never gets nervous and is up for any challenge he is put up to. He is ecstatic for Mr. Hawthorne and can’t wait for the doors to open. Get ready to see Kareem on opening night of Mr.Hawthorne!