NJSMA: Jaclyn Corbo

Kaitlyn Melendez, Staff Writer

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Senior, Jaclyn Corbo, has taken her talent to the next level. She auditioned for the North Jersey School Music Association (NJSMA). This is a regional music association where high school students from different counties across North Jersey join together to sing in a women’s choir, a mixed choir, and to play music instrumentally in an orchestra. With a voice like hers, Corbo got into the choir and she has been going to the practices.

“There are auditions,” Corbo told the Clarion, “which make it tougher to get in. I was more nervous for the audition because the previous weeks, I had been immersed in the play and had not gotten a chance to prepare. Thankfully, Ms. Griffin came to the rescue and helped me get ready for the big day.” These auditions were held at Paramus High School. “It was a big turn out.”

For this audition, Jaclyn had to prepare in advance. She told The Clarion, “I had to prepare a song, scales, and do tonal memory exercises. I thought I did well.”

Corbo also told The Clarion about her experience in the mixed choir. “I did get into the mixed choir in seventh grade, and I can honestly say that it’s a difficult, but a rewarding program.” To conclude, she said, “It’s such a fantastic experience that I am blessed to participate in.”

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