Faculty Favorites: Mrs.Clark

Julia Aguero, Staff Writer

Everyone is excited about the return of English teacher, Mrs. Deborah Clark, who left for maternity leave at the end of the 2015 school year. She came back the day after holiday break and everyone was more than happy to see her again. A Clarion reporter was able to get in touch with her and ask her about experience here and how she feels about returning.


Clarion Reporter: How long have you’ve been teaching?

Mrs. Clark: I started teaching here at Hawthorne High School eight years ago on March 1, 2007 after Ms. Shaw retired.  I had just finished my student-teaching with Mrs. Hackett in December 2006, so it was an easy transition. It’s hard to believe that it has been eight years already. Time flies when you’re having fun!


Clarion Reporter: What do you like best about teaching?

Mrs. Clark: First and foremost, one of the best parts about teaching is the interaction with students and building a rapport with so many of them.  In fact, I really missed the interaction with the students while I was out on maternity leave, because we truly have some of the best students here at HHS. Not only do my students keep me on my toes, but they also keep me smiling and help me learn new things, as well.  Secondly, teachers are always learning, too, and that is one of the best parts of education.  I love researching new and innovative ways to reach my students’ interests and to keep learning active and fun. Moreover, I enjoy learning how to continue to integrate technology into the classroom as well as other materials that help make what we are learning more relevant to the students’ lives.


Clarion Reporter: How does it feel to be back?

Mrs. Clark: I am really excited to be back.  When I walked into school on my first day back, it actually felt like I never left, which is a really good thing. I was excited to meet all my students, get my classes into a routine, and delve into teaching.


Clarion Reporter: Do you enjoy your classes?

Mrs. Clark:  Yes, I enjoy all of my classes.


Clarion Reporter: What did you miss most while you were gone?

Mrs. Clark:  Naturally I missed the students and teaching; in addition, I missed working with my sister, Ms. Amy Tanis, and seeing her on a daily basis.  I also truly missed the staff while I was gone, because I truly value many of the friendships that I have with my coworkers.  My students and coworkers have made this difficult transition back to work quite seamless for me; in fact, I am beyond grateful for so many wonderful individuals here that have helped make this transition smooth .


Clarion Reporter: What do you do outside of teaching?

Mrs. Clark: Most of my time outside of teaching is spent with my family.  I have been married for seven years, my daughter Madison is four years old, and my baby, Aubrey, is now eight months old.


Clarion Reporter: Was teaching your first choice?

Mrs. Clark: Yes! I knew ever since I was a little girl that I wanted to grow up and become a teacher.  Ms. Tanis and I used to “play teacher” as little girls, which was always fun! I used to work as a camp counselor during the summer in my high school years, which showed me that I preferred teaching the older kids, so I knew that I wanted to teach high school students.  I prefer engaging in literature discussions with my students over brainstorming arts-and-crafts projects and teaching little ones how to tie shoes! Believe it or not, I began my college career as a Spanish Education major; in fact, I even traveled abroad to Spain during my junior year of high school in preparation for my future career as a Spanish teacher.  At the end of my freshman year in college, I changed my major for various reasons, and I was conflicted with whether to declare my major as math or English.  While I absolutely loved Calculus, I ultimately declared my degree in English Literature.


It is great to have Mrs. Clark back. Students are excited to see what she will bring to her classes throughout the rest of the year.