Who is Mr. Hawthorne?

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Who is Mr. Hawthorne?

Sarah Wisniewski, Staff Writer

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One of the most sought after titles to earn at Hawthorne High School is Mr. Hawthorne. It means respect and carries a sense of honor. Recently, Mike Deitrich was crowned Mr.Hawthorne. With his ribbon skills, dance moves, and adult baby outfit, the judges just had to give the title to Deitrich. To really understand the performance that night, The Clarion asked the newly crowned Mr. Hawthorne a few questions.


Clarion Reporter: How did participating and winning in Mr. Hawthorne affect you?

Deitrich: Mr. Hawthorne was a great experience. I loved practicing every week and spending time with the other contestants and Ms. Russo. I definitely recommend it for the upcoming juniors and seniors to try out for the next show.

Clarion Reporter: What was your secret to winning?

Deitrich: I would rather not reveal my secrets to winning Mr. Hawthorne because then it would not be a secret. Let’s just say the ladies love the red hair.

Clarion Reporter: Did you try to win over a specific judge? Who and how?

Deitrich: I absolutely tried to win over Coach Passero. He is an intimidating man. I was definitely concerned about him. I am sure I won him over after whispering in his ear during the fashion round, or showing him the poster I made during the question round.

Clarion Reporter: Who was your inspiration?

Deitrich: My inspiration had to be Liam Morrissey. I always try my absolute best in hopes to make him proud.

Clarion Reporter: What advice would you give future contestants?

Deitrich: My advice for upcoming contestants is to have a good talent prepared for the show. Being ready and practicing is a major key to winning the competition.


Congratulations to Mike Deitrich!

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