Girl Scout Cookies Going Out of Business


Leah Rosado , Staff Writer

Its sad but true the well known Girl Scout cookie brand is going out of business. This was the last year that Girl Scouts will be selling their cookies. The online website will be shut down during the month of June, so all cookie orders should be made immediately if you didn’t order during the regular cookie season.

Founder of Girl Scouts Juliette Gordon Low founded it to promote peace, courage, and bring out the power of girls around the world. For years, girls from the ages of 5 and up have empowered the Girl Scout laws and  found their true potential. “It’s time to let it go and create other programs for girls and women around the world” said by CEO Amanda Krusger. Here’s what students at HHS had to say about the devastating news:


Clarion Reporter: How do you feel about Girl Scouts going out of business?

Kaitlyn Melendez: “Considering that I bought 20 boxes of Thin Mints this year, so I think I’ll be okay. However when i’ve eaten them all, I surely will be devastated.”
Dakota Brantner: “I’m furious! Is suing someone an option? They have ruined an important part of my childhood and I’m not going down without a fight.”
Sonia Hadjmustafa:”I feel that this is horrible, Girl Scout cookies aren’t ordinary cookies. What are we going to do without them? The only way I was able to get Girl Scout cookies was from fellow girl scouts, so this news is devastating not only to me, but certainly for them.”


It’s time to stock up and put in orders online immediately. Don’t forget to inform others of this tragedy. Girl Scout cookies will forever be a memory to many.