Alli Getchell, Staff Writer

Prom is approaching, and students are really stressed out and worrying about the big night. Girls are worrying about getting the same dresses as each other, and having the perfect hairstyle to go along with those dresses. There are times when disaster strikes, and all of a sudden at the last minute, the beautiful dress you’ve ordered does not fit. Then you have to go to the tailor, to adjust it, make it bigger, shorten it, lengthen it, blah blah blah.

Next is make-up, hair, and nails. God forbid that your make-up isn’t on point, or your eyebrows aren’t shaped like Beyonce’s. After the make-up, comes the hair appointment. Chances are, that when you walk into the salon, there are several other girls waiting for their hair to be done. Sitting in the chair anxiously, wondering if the stylist is doing it correctly, you realize that someone else has the same vision for her hair. Now, let’s admit it… young women all become absolute divas while preparing for prom. Although it is understandable: it is one of the biggest nights of high school.  Anyway, you start to panic. The girl in the chair next to you, is getting the same hair style! WOW, breathe, it’s okay, you obviously pull it off MUCH better than she does. Soon, the torture is over, and you walk out, feeling fabulous, although secretly your ego is a bit busted.

Down the street, is the nail salon. Again, there are classmates, waiting to perfect their own nails, just like you. Luckily, you were smart and made an appointment, instead of walking in unannounced. The hardest part is selecting the color. Everything is ruined, if it’s even the wrong shade. The correct color is picked, and you’re ready. The appointments are all over, and you head home, shoulders up, looking like a princess, but otherwise, like a peasant. At home, you trust that no one has marred your dress, and decide to put it on. After checking yourself out in the mirror a thousand times, and taking multiple selfies, it’s time.

Before that, you put on your shoes. Most likely, you’re wearing high heels, which means absolute horror. Just think about the times that they start hurting and you have to stop, sit down, remove the heels, and attempt to start dancing again without them on. By that time, you’re about three times shorter than all of your friends, and you’re no longer the same height as your date. High heels are killers. Heels can massacre an entire army of young women’s feet, and possibly stop the night dead. Achy feet equals to no dancing, meaning the party is basically dead; because what guy wants to dance by themselves? Plus, at the end of the night, you end up with painful blisters.

Then there’s music. They play the worst music at prom. Everyone hates it, and it’s super hard to dance to. Even then, while you’re dancing, there are so many people in one space, moving rapidly to the beat, that you start sweating. The sweat is overbearing. Hopefully everyone at least applied deodorant to help the smell of sweat.

Lastly, the cost. It costs so much money for a dress, hair, makeup, nails, shoes, suit rental, and contributing to booking the actual venue. All of these things combined, are nerve wracking, horrifying, irrelevant, and just plain stupid. Don’t go to prom, it stinks…really, it does.