Ward for President 2020

Sarah Wisniewski, Staff Writer

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Often, experiences in our lives inspire us to make life-changing decisions. Recently, Christopher Ward has decided to run for the presidency in 2020. It is a tremendous step in his career, but he is ready for it.

His motivation for this major decision is this year’s candidates. The struggle to choose a president has Ward wanting to be the president. He says, “I feel like there is so much more to do and the candidates are not addressing enough of it.”

In class discussion revolves around politics. Even the students agree that the candidates this year are not the nation’s best. Freshman Brian Reilly says, “I knew from the minute I met Mr. Ward that he would make a great president and there is no time like now, with [this year’s candidates].”

Another motivation for running is the partner Ward has. Matthew Corvo has agreed to be Ward’s running mate. They have spent many years together here at Hawthorne High School and even joked about one day running together. Within the classroom, you can easily spot the Ward and Corvo campaign poster. Soon it will no longer be a printed piece of paper, but the public display of a new pair for the presidential race.

The only issue the partnership faces is financing. With two public school teaching salaries, money is a big problem. To solve this problem Ward hopes to speak to local businesses and even bigger companies. He asks, “If I cannot figure out a problem as simply as financing, how am I supposed to run a country?”

In the end, Ward is sure of his decision and hopes to truly make America great again. He sure has our vote.

The Hawthorne High School family wishes Mr. Ward and Mr. Corvo the best of luck.

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