Organ Donor Assembly at HHS

Allie Getchell, Staff Writer

HHS Junior students attended an assembly on March 28 that highlighted the importance of organ donation. The guest speakers were Jim Radigan, a donor recipient, and Arlene Locicero, former English teacher at HHS and mother of organ donor Amy Federici.

During the assembly, Ms. Locicero showed a video to explain her daughter’s tragic death at the age of 27 in the Long Island Rail Road Shooting in 1993. While her daughter lay brain dead in the hospital, her parents decided to donate their daughter’s heart, two kidneys and liver to four worthy acceptors; three of those people are thriving on in life because of Amy: Theresa Caravella of New York recieved Amy’s heart, Betty Janko and Jerry Bradely each have one of Amy’s kidneys.

Then, speaker, Jim Radigan spoke to the crowd about how he recieved a liver from another donor and is very thankful for his life.

HHS students learned about the NJ Sharing Network and the easy process of becoming a donor by having their names added to the Donate Life NJ Registry when applying for a NJ driver’s license or by registering online at