West Milford Jazz Band

Alli Getchell cx, Staff Writers

On Monday March 28, the West Milford Jazz Band visited Hawthorne High School to perform for Hawthorne High School band students. The West Milford Jazz Band are a competitive band, performing locally, state-wide, and at national events.

The first song the band performed was called “The Opener II” and the soloists were Alex Kerssen on tenor saxophone and Felix Gonzalez on trumpet. The second piece was “Bill Baily” by Tom Kubis and the soloists were Peter Oselador on trumpet, Alex Kerssen on tenor saxophone, and Steven Rampolla on piano.

The third number was called “Round Midnight” that featured Steven Shahin on alto saxophone. After that, the band played “Please No Saxting” by Tom Kubis with Bobby Campbell on guitar, and Peter Oselador on trumpet.

Lastly, the band performed “Caravan” arranged by John Wasson, showcased Bobby Campbell on guitar, Steven Rampolla on piano, and Alex Kerssen on the tenor saxophone.

“In regards on how it went, it was really fun,” said Matt Gramata, band director at the West Milford Township High School,”…It was really nice to play for other band students and have them ask questions and for us to play in a really fun environment where there is no pressure and no one is judging us or scoring us…or critiquing us. The kids definitely did enjoy it.”

The HHS band director, Keith Williams spoke on how he thinks the performance went. “I really enjoyed watching the West Milford jazz band. It was a great experience for our students to meet other high school musicians in northern New Jersey, and to talk about how our music programs function. It seems like all of the students were really excited to hear the concert.”