Peer Leader Hike

Ronny Pena, Staff Writer

On April 5th, the Hawthorne High School Peer Leaders, with advisers Matthew Corvo and Kelly Clifford, went on their annual hike at the Fairview YMCA.

Upon arrival at the YMCA, breakfast was served. After the tables were cleaned up, the Peer Leaders embarked on their hike. It was cold out, but that did not disrupt the hike. Everyone was still enthusiastic as they progressed up the Appalachian Trail to “the ridge,” the scenic outlook atop the mountain.

Senior Peer Leader Erika LaMonaca was on the trip and stated, “The view was absolutely stunning and the hike was not bad at all! I think anyone would be able to do it as long as they hydrate properly and come well prepared!”

Following the hike back down to the mess hall, lunch was served. The Peer Leaders were then split up afterwards. Each group completed several team-building activities, learning how to effectively communicate and listen to each other in process.

Another activity was “survival”, in which the groups were split further. The objective of this task was to assemble a shelter in the woods using nothing but sticks, leaves, etc. This activity yet again demonstrated the importance of communication and peer listening. The Peer Leaders were tired following this strenuous activity, but they still had one more activity awaiting.

The Peer Leaders were given the opportunity to climb a rock wall. It was optional, but everyone was strongly encouraged to participate. The annual Peer Leaders hike is a trip that every Peer Leader anticipates. The group learn lessons on team work, effective communication, and get to be at one with nature in the process. Everyone looks forward to returning next year!