Senior Awards Night

Erika La Monaca

The Class of 2016 has worked for a very long time to get to where they all currently stand today. Most seniors have post-graduation plans to start their freshmen year of college during the fall of 2016. With the help of Hawthorne High School, seniors were given the opportunity to try to earn scholarship money to help pay for their schooling. With schooling being as expensive as it is now a days, any amount of money is a huge help to further the education of many students.

In March, scholarship applications came out, and seniors started to vigorously fill out all of the requested information. They had to write an essay, acquire a letter of recommendation, and answer basic questions. Once the seniors completed their application, they nervously submitted them to Mrs. Linda Dominick, a Hawthorne High School guidance counselor and adviser for the scholarship process.

In May, students received letters if they had earned a scholarship. However, the letter did not specify which scholarship the student received and from whom the scholarship came from. The letter simply stated that on the night of Wednesday, May 18, at 7:30 pm,  students would be presented with their respective scholarship or scholarships in a special award ceremony. The scholarships range from $250 all the way up to $6,400. There were 53 organizations that night giving out various awards to over 60 different seniors!  

Overall, the scholarship award ceremony was a huge success, and every senior in that auditorium deserved every penny that they received.