NJ Biology Competency Test


Sarah Wisniewski, Staff Writer

On May 25 and May 26, all students enrolled in a biology course took the New Jersey Biology Competency Test. It is an exam given to students to measure their knowledge on topics taught throughout the year. Students have been preparing all year for it and had mixed emotions when it finally came.

Mr. Zaolino, who teaches Honors Biology and AP Biology described the test as any other state test. He believes students should be tested and hopes he prepared his students well. He says, “There’s nothing I can do about it,” speaking about how well his students do after he can no longer teach them more.

Student Daniella Bonafede explains that she felt the test was fair. In her opinion, unlike other standardized testing she felt the material on the test was at an accurate level for the course freshman and other grade levels take. She says, “We were prepared for it.” Bonafede seemed to believe that the Biology Competency Test was a good example of what a standardized test should be.

At the end of the two days, students did not seem to mind the four sections of multiple choice and two essay tasks. Most students went in and sat down and did the best they could which is all that can be asked of them. All in all, the test went well and Hawthorne High School students once again got through it respectively and representing the school well.