Seniors At the Art Show

Ronny Pena

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The annual Hawthorne High School art show was held on Friday, May 20th. The weather cooperated and the sun shined brilliantly over the courtyard as students and alumni alike gathered to admire Hawthorne’s artistic elite. Several talented seniors in the honors art program were featured, displaying their best artwork.

Briana Garcia, Kelsey Cimillo, and Hannah Gomez were three seniors that were featured. When asked what the theme of their art is, the three remarked:
Briana Garcia: “The general theme of my art is happiness”
Kelsey Cimillo: “It went from emotion to design to triangles to color. It changed a lot! In many ways, this is a reflection of me as an artist. As I discover new mediums, my overall style changes.
Hannah Gomez:”My art is fashion and people. Art is just a way to express yourself.”

These seniors closed their Hawthorne High School art careers on a high note, garnering rave reviews for their work.

Senior Erika LaMonaca commented on their displays saying, “It’s inspiring to see what people in my grade are capable of doing! I’m not an artist myself, but seeing all the talent at HHS makes me wish I was!”

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