Summer Reading

Victoria Jungermann, Staff Writer

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Summer is coming and do you know what that means? No school, vacation, and the lovely summer book report everyone has to do. Summer reading isn’t as bad as you think it is; sure we have the books that teachers give us, the ones that we are required to read.

There is, of course, another option; read a book of your choice. What a concept!

The library has a lot of books that have been recommended by students and a few teachers as well. Mr. Van Winkle has recommended the book The Godfather, Raya Isaac and Cody Zampino both recommend  The 5th Wave, and Oliva Branwell recommends The Lightning Thief.  

However if you want the books that are suggested by the school to read for your appropriate grade level,  go to the Hawthorne High school home page; go to Departments, click English, and then you’ll see something saying “Summer Assignments” and it will give you all the assignments you need, along with the assignment at hand. Have a great summer and start reading!

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