Who is the Hawthorne High School Bear?

Dani Bonafede and Beth O'Boyle

The start of the 2016-17 school year brings new administrators, new teachers, new students, and new friends…but what about a new school mascot?

Michael David, a Hawthorne High School 2016 graduate, fulfilled the coveted position as the beloved Hawthorne Bear for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years. With David now off to college, we needed a new face for our mascot.

But who occupies the Bear costume now? The answer is Marc Crilly, currently a senior here at Hawthorne High. Marc can be found in all programs HHS has to offer; this includes, but is not limited to, the Theater Department, Marching Band, Chamber Chorus, and Drama Club.

This enthusiastic student is quite the multitasker. He performs in the Marching Band’s half time shows and then spontaneously transforms into the prized Hawthorne Bear! What better way to get to know our new mascot than to talk to him ourselves? We have sat down with Marc Crilly and asked him a few questions to familiarize ourselves with the man behind the mask.

Clarion Reporter: How did you react to finding out you were the Bear?

Crilly: Well, they were just kind of like ‘you’re a senior and you auditioned and no one else who was a senior did, so you got it’ and I was like YES!

Clarion Reporter: What made you decide to audition for the Hawthorne High School mascot?

Crilly: I’ve always wanted to be the mascot ever since middle school when I went to the football games and I’d always watch the Bear.

Clarion Reporter: Is it difficult to change from the Bear costume to Marching Band uniform during half time?

Crilly: Yes, because the Bear costume has many layers and I have to jump into my band uniform very quickly.

Clarion Reporter: How does it feel to represent Hawthorne High School by means of the mascot?

Crilly: GO BEARS!

Clarion Reporter: Does your job as the Bear interfere with other school activities?

Crilly: No because I would have to be at the football games anyways because of Marching Band.

Clarion Reporter: How has being the Bear affected your popularity?

Crilly: Although I, myself, haven’t gotten more popular, the Bear is really popular so when I am the Bear, people love it; even though they don’t always know it’s me.

Clarion Reporter: Outside of the costume, what do you do in your free time?

Crilly: I participate in the plays, Marching Band, and hang out with friends.

Clarion Reporter: Being in Theater and other performance groups, who has been your biggest supporter?

Crilly: Mrs. Wright because she’s bae.

Clarion Reporter: What kind of career would you like to pursue after you hang up the costume?

Crilly: Aw, that’s upsetting. Well, I would like to do something in music, whether it’s writing, performing, or really anything having to do with it.

Clarion Reporter: How does it feel knowing this is your last year in Hawthorne High School?

Crilly: It’s bittersweet because I get to look forward to being a part of completely new stuff, but it’s also sad to leave all my usual activities and friends.

So there you have it, folks, our 2016-17 Hawthorne High School mascot! We hope you come to see Marc Crilly as the Hawthorne Bear and support our athletic teams at Hawthorne High’s football games!