HHS Pep Rally


Melanhy Navarro, Staff Writer

On Friday September 16, Hawthorne High School hosted its annual Fall pep rally and it was the loudest one in years! After a few tiring weeks of school work, students were ready to let it all go. It was definitely the best way to get into the Hawthorne Bears spirit. The cheerleaders did an outstanding job at getting the crowd all pepped up.

The event started with the band playing the National Anthem and then they played Happy Birthday for Miss Russo, HHS art teacher, student activities adviser, and one of the first voices we hear every morning during announcements. It was a very touching moment. After each cheerleader’s name was announced, the cheerleaders dazzled everyone with their routine, once again.

Coach Schell spoke next and invited all of the HHS Fall sports teams to announce their players. The volleyball, tennis, football, girl’s soccer, and boy’s soccer players all walked and ran through the runway of cheerleaders waving their pom-poms. They saved the football players for last and they received the loudest applause as well.

Overall, it was an astonishing way to start off the school year. This was an event that no one will soon forget.