Domestic Violence Assembly at HHS

Alli Getchell, Editor

On Friday, October 21, Hawthorne High School held an assembly in the auditorium concerning Domestic Violence.

During the assembly, a short production called, Remote Control, was put on display to show the effects of domestic violence in relationships, friendships, and personal lives. The characters in the play were Amy, David, and Josh. Amy’s character represents the girlfriend of a young man who became abusive in their relationship, and she wanted to make the right decision to help both of them.

David’s character was an intelligent young man, and Amy’s good friend, and observer of her boyfriend’s abusive behavior. He tries to help the couple, especially Amy, in receiving help.

Finally, Josh’s character is the new student, who suddenly becomes Amy’s abusive boyfriend, resulting in domestic violence.

Throughout the play, David discusses effective ways to help Amy and Josh, individually and together. Senior and Junior classes attended this moving presentation, participating in answering the questions that were asked.